Wide Blade Samburu Spear


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The warriors of the semi-nomadic Samburu tribe in Kenya (known as “Lmurran”) are imposing figures – never cutting their long braided hair, and decorating their faces and torsos in intricate patterns using a mixture of animal fat and red ochre. Their herds are constantly menaced by vicious predators and subject to raids by lawless bandits, so the Lmurran rarely venture far without being armed with their infamous spears! The Samburu warrior’s throwing spear is the most advanced spear of its type on the planet. Routinely dispatching leopards, lions and even those firearm toting bandits at impressive distances! Inspired by the Samburu, we developed our two variations of Samburu spears, but with modern materials.

This year, marks the introduction of the new Wide Blade Samburu Spear. Based on Lynn C. Thompson’s hunting experience with the Samburu Spear, we have created a new variation with a much wider head. Intended for thin skin game where penetration is not an issue, it cuts a huge wound channel to dispatch the quarry in an even quicker, more humane manner.

The Cold Steel Samburu is comprised of three distinct components:
• The sharp leaf shaped spear head itself, which is welded to a steel shaft.
• The counter-balancing steel butt spike (or shoe) which used as an alternative point for practice.
• A black Hickory handle with a double taper.

All of our Samburu spears are easily disassembled for transportation, and they all come complete with a Secure-Ex® sheath.

NOTE: We’ve made our Samburu spears as tough as possible. However, if you bend your spear shaft or “shoe” (butt spike), it can be easily straightened in a vise. The tough hickory handle of your spear can eventually break, so please be prepared to replace it.