The Fighting Machete DVD


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In this instructional DVD series, Cold Steel’s President Lynn C Thompson and Guro Ron Balicki explore the Martial Arts application and combative potential of the machete – an agricultural tool found all over the world and a weapon utilized heavily in the Filipino Martial Arts



Advantages and Disadvantages of the Machete as a Weapon.

How to choose a Machete, sharpen it, and customize it.

How to grip the Machete, carry it and conceal it.

Multiple On-Guard Stances and Common Faults to Avoid.

Footwork – Over 26 Footwork Techniques are taught!

7 Methods of Employing the Point – Including Reverse Grip Methods.

13 Methods of Employing the Razor Edge of the Machete.

Hitting, Smashing, and Hammering Utilizing the Flat of the Blade and Spine of the Machete

Defensive Tactics Utilizing Footwork and Avoidance Patterns

13 Ways to use the Machete to Block or Parry Incoming Attacks

Defeating Disarm Attempts

Defeating the Charge on Take-Down Attempts

Fighting from the Standing Grapple (Clinch)

How to Create and Identify an Opening in an Opponent’s Defense.

And much more!