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While together on a research trip, Steven Seagal showed our company President one of the prized pieces in his collection – An oversized custom walking stick of his own design called the “Ten Shin”. This work of art was custom made of the finest exotic hardwood, but over the years it had weathered. Lynn immediately saw the potential in making a modern polymer replica of this unique design. One that wouldn’t age, crack or splinter.

Lynn said “As soon as I saw that stick, I immediately ‘got it’. Many of the issues associated with crook top designs had been addressed, and there are so many features that become immediately apparent to any student of the fighting arts! It’s a functional crook cane, but it’s also an amazing tool for the modern Martial Artist. Whatever style you study, from walking stick defense, Japanese sword arts, stick fighting, tomahawk fighting, and even bayonet training, this design flows into everything!”

The Ten Shin is the largest offering in our walking stick series, but it can be easily cut down to fit just about anyone.