Ron Balicki’s Filipino Boxing DVD


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Learn traditional Filipino boxing using empty hands instead of gloves! Developed during the heyday of bare-knuckle boxing, Filipino Boxing (Panantukan) has confounded the traditional “western style” boxer for more than a century. This is because it is not “just” a fist-oriented art! Filipino Boxing teaches you how to use your whole body to overpower, subdue or drive off an attacker. Whether you’re a novice or experienced fighter, this video series has something for you!

Renowned Filipino Martial Artist Guro Ron Balicki presents:
Basic En Garde Stances, Footwork Methods and Drills, 30 Different Punching Methods, Including Ron’s Famous Long Range Uppercut! Multiple Kicking, Kneeing and Elbow Techniques, Basic to Advanced Defense with special emphasis on attacking and destroying incoming punches and kicks using fists, elbows, knees and feet! Filipino Trapping Hand Drills – Single Hand & Double Hand Multiple Kicking Flow Drills, Filipino Wrestling and Submission Grappling, Joint Lock Combinations.