Ribbed Shell Swept Hilt Rapier Sword


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The Rapier enjoyed a long reign as the civilian weapon of choice for self-defense and dueling for centuries! Its long, double-edged blade was ideal for delivering the point at great distances. Its elaborate hilt (evolving from rings, bars and quillons, to shells, and chiseled cups) offered excellent protection and caught or deflected blows with ease. Sadly, the rapier eventually succumbed to the dictates of fashion and gave way to smaller swords. Our modern interpretation of this historical classic has a long, narrow blade with a single wide fuller to assure perfect balance. Its hilt features a classic ribbed shell and multiple bars, quillons and a knuckle bow for hand protection. The grip is made of wood covered with rich black ray skin and wire and terminates in a heavy ribbed pommel that serves as a perfect counter balance to our Rapier’s blade.