No. 10003 GATCO® Edgemate™ Knife Sharpening System🇺🇸


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No. 10003 GATCO® Edgemate™ Knife Sharpening System

The system includes:

• GATCO® exclusive knife clamp/angle guide

• Coarse sharpening hone

• Medium sharpening hone

• Fine sharpening hone

• Scientifically formulated honing oil

• Custom carrying case with instructions

permanently affixed to the lid.

• GATCO® sharpening hones with longer,

wider stones than competitive models, are

ergonomically designed to reduce hand, wrist

and arm fatigue. Safety rails protect fingertips.

This comprehensive knife sharpening system offers chefs, handymen, sportsmen, and woodcarvers everything they need to put a professional, razor-sharp edge on all kitchen, sport, and utility cutlery. The unique knife/clamp guide ensures a precise honing action.

All GATCO® sharpening hones have an integral guide rod holder with easy-out for use, easy-in for storage sliding guide rod. Out premium grade abrasives ensure fast and efficient cutting of all steels, even those with have traditionally been difficult to sharpen.