Marine NCO Saber


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We heartily approve of our brothers and sisters in the Armed Forces wearing dress Swords and Sabers, and we think it is a shame that until now, they have been forced to resort to purchasing un-sharpened, poorly tempered wall hangers to carry at their side. We believe that modern day warriors should be equipped with the finest equipment, even on ceremonial occasions. That’s why we decided to release our own series of Swords and Sabers that are worthy of the combative lineage of the blade, and of the warriors that are carrying them. Expertly forged from heat treated 1055 Carbon steel, and spring tempered for high performance, their highly polished blades are then finely etched and painstakingly hand-honed to a sharp edge. Each sword is sold complete with a durable scabbard that can be worn on a belt or hung proudly on display when not in use.