MAA European Spear


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The Man at Arms was a stalwart and dependable fighter who exhibited great martial prowess with a range of weapons. He was a capable and competent warrior who was the veteran of many conflicts and was often first into the fray. Although he was not a Knight, he fought and trained alongside them as a brother in arms. To honor these rugged, reliable, salt-of-the-earth warriors we have created a range of true journeyman’s weapons that we have called the Man at Arms Collection. Each of these battle-ready pole-arms features 1055 Carbon steel and is deeply blued to a lustrous finish and comes complete with a premium American wood shaft. The Cold Steel European Spear is a prime example of effective and simple design. Its design has changed very little since the Bronze Age. It is quite simply a spear done right! Every inch of this high quality hunting and battlefield tool screams perfection, from its fully sharpened double edged blade to its walnut stained American Ash handle, it is a beautiful spear that is sure to have pride of place in any collection.