MAA European Boar Spear


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The Man at Arms was a stalwart and dependable fighter who exhibited great martial prowess with a range of weapons. He was a capable and competent warrior who was the veteran of many conflicts and was often first into the fray. Although he was not a Knight, he fought and trained alongside them as a brother in arms. To honor these rugged, reliable, salt-of-the-earth warriors we have created a range of true journeyman’s weapons that we have called the Man at Arms Collection. Each of these battle-ready pole-arms features 1055 Carbon steel and is deeply blued to a lustrous finish and comes complete with a premium American wood shaft. Cold Steel’s European Boar Spear takes inspiration from antique Germanic hunting spears. With its broad head, twin edges and pronounced double quillons it is a high performance example of this ancient hunting tool. The European Boar Spear features a stout leaf shaped blade and a thick reinforcing central spine, and it’s sturdy quillons stop the spear from penetrating too deeply when used against dangerous game With a premium American Ash shaft, the European Boar Spear is sure to be very popular with the hunting community and historical re-enactors alike.