Left Handed 1908 British Cavalry Saber


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For centuries, a difficult conundrum faced Cavalry troops. In the charge, they needed a narrow, stiff blade with a sharp point, but in the melee, on an immobile horse, they needed a wide, curved blade for cutting. The British chose to favor a saber that was designed for the thrust. The British Cavalry Saber had a narrow, long blade with a thick cross section and sharp point. With a bowl shaped guard to protect the hand and forearm, and a grip that automatically brought the point “in line” for the thrust. It was also effortless to carry, as its scabbard allowed it to be suspended from the saddle or to a belt or baldric. We are proud to offer our modern interpretation of this extraordinary weapon, that’s closely modeled on the historic original, but with a lighter gauge steel bowl guard for improved balance and handling.