Laredo Bowie in San Mai®


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The Laredo is one of our most iconic knives. This limited-edition Bowie is built along traditional lines, but with some of the finest materials available. The Laredo’s elegant flat ground San Mai III blade is hand honed to hair splitting sharpness, with a fully sharpened “false edge”. Its richly polished Micarta handle and brass furniture are made to the highest possible standards.Every inch of this high performance blade is designed for function first. Finely balanced, sharp, and durable, this Bowie is capable of putting in great work – and looking good while doing it! Produced in super-limited numbers by our master blade smiths in Japan, this knife is highly collectible and much prized by blade enthusiasts who admire not only its beauty as a piece of art, but also its functionality as a classic fighting knife.

The San Mai III steel Laredo Bowie is different from the O1 steel you see in this video.