Fighting with the Saber and Cutlass


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This fascinating DVD series has been designed as a serious, straightforward, and focused course dealing solely with the combative applications of the saber and cutlass. 

This instructional series begins with detailed instruction outlining how to oppose an armed opponent with a similar comparable weapon.  This is the best way to build the necessary fundamental skills and techniques to allow the viewer progress to infighting and grappling with a saber. 


Covered Topics:

 Gripping Methods

Ready Stance or On Guard Position

Footwork Methods & Fighting Ranges

7 Primary Cutting Methods

5 Primary Thrusting Methods

8 Essential Parries

How to Recognize and Create Openings

Cut, Thrust, and Parry Drills & Ripostes

Strategy, Infighting, Grappling, and Brawling

Bonus Footage – Throwing the Saber or Cutlass