Ergoactives A012 Shoebaum Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot, Medium & Large 6-11.5




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  • Shoebaum Tall Air Cam Walker with Shock Absorber Sole- Size Medium/Large.
  • Patented Shock Absorber technology; reduces the impact of the injured leg with the ground as the patient walks and steps on the injury. Each of the three shock absorbers located in the sole acts independently as the user steps on the ground.
  • Replaces the conventional, smelly cast.
  • Sock inside Shoebaum is disposable. It inflates completely all around the foot if activated by the user. Once inflated, it can be de-inflated with the push of a button.
  • Equipped with an embedded air pressure pump with a release valve to inflate complete areas of the sock that in turn provide better-distribut-ed support and comfort.
  • Equipped with Convenient Velcro® Straps for fast and easy adjust-