Civilian Saber (Left Handed)


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The Cavalry Saber was a very effective weapon of war, but it had one drawback – it was much too cumbersome for civilian use. The solution was to scale the military saber down, modify the knuckle bow and add a folding guard. This modification allowed the civilian saber to be worn much closer to the body and on lighter belts. Worn for self-defense, or as a sign of authority, it shortly became a common military dress accessory, even to this day. Our modern interpretation of the classic Left Handed Civilian or Military Dress Saber is hand forged with a hard spring temper. It sports a narrow, modestly curved blade that terminates in a sharp point. It’s astonishingly light and nimble, and able to be fenced elegantly from the fingers and wrist like the finest Small Sword. Featuring a highly detailed British lion motif on the hilt and matching folding guard, as well as a luxurious leather and brass wire grip, this Saber is elegant enough for the most formal occasions, and sure to be the pride of your collection.